A woman’s guide to buying lingerie for Valentine’s day (& not only)

Rule no. 1: Let’s set something straight. If you’re into wearing lingerie only on special occasions, I warn you that you haven’t gotten to the right place… cause, on that note, we don’t have too many things in common.

Rule no. 2: What is exaggerated ruins everything. If everyday you play a role in your bedroom and dress up to the expectations, you might end up sleeping alone, at one point.




Rabbit felt hat (Gabriela Dumitran),  Aerobic outfit  (Murmur),  Hat (Gabriela Dumitran), Shoes (Adidas by Pharrell Williams), Ruj Ultra Hydrating Lip Colour Arthur (Chanel), perfume Jo Malone – Dark Amber & Ginger Lily, Photo: Gabi Crisan, Location: Atelier Anda Roman

Rule no. 3: I know, I know. Us, women… we are independent, we wear what we like, when we like, where we like it. In matter of lingerie, we should always keep track that somebody else sees us in it. So, no deux pieces if your abdomen is not (respectably) flat (someone had to tell you that!)






Silk and lace veil,  The Nun Transparent Outfit (Murmur), Nun Collar ( Murmur), Necklace Shourouk (Atelier Anda Roman), Shoes (Zara), Perfume Kilian-Straight to Heaven (Madison), Photo: Gabi Crisan, Location: Atelier Anda Roman

Rule no. 4: Sexy is an attitude. BUT if you don’t feel comfortable wearing a house-maid lingerie, drop the idea. A naked body can be many times sexier than the most provocative lingerie.






Straw headpiece with handmade embroidery and leather bowl (Gabriela Dumitran), Utopian Leotard (Murmur), Housewife Peticoat (Murmur), Housewife, Apron (Murmur), Socks Suspenders (Murmur), Ultra Hydrating Lip Colour Arthur (Chanel), Perfume Juliette Has a Gun-Midnight Oud (Beautik), Photo: Gabi Crisan, Location: Atelier Anda Roman

Rule no. 5: You don’t have to obey or follow any rule. You only have to be yourself.