Mathematics of textures

When I launched this blog, which I already had in my head for years, I wanted, first, to try to come up with solutions for everyday living, even if we speak of fashion, beauty or the choices related to lifestyle. I wanted to be able to find ideas that would help, behind the perfect outfit that looks flawless, almost detached from the podium. I wanted you to say: “Wow! I can’t believe I haven’t thought about it until now!”. I wanted you to understand that you don’t need to buy the most expensive clothes, to follow religiously the latest trends when we can just as well rethink our wardrobe or even borrow parts of our mothers or our grandmothers. To understand that wrinkles are beautiful because they are the sum of our emotions – joy, sadness, anxiety – but we can (and it would be great) to keep them under control. As it only takes a little planning and research for a holiday twice cheaper than normal.

I do not know to what extent I managed to do this until now, I do my best, but I guarantee that I’m preparing many surprises which I can’t wait to be able to talk about.


Moving on to more concrete things and everyday life, you take a black dress. I chose one of velvet not only because I am absolutely in love with Sonia Rykiel and all her clothes seem adorable, but also for the collar which somehow remembers me of the schoolgirl uniform and for the sleeve details. But it can also be any other black dress. Well, take the dress and take it out of its comfort zone. I mean, we add a contrast texture, a more relaxed material and some color – the denim jacket from MiniMe Paris, funny and colorful, it seemed just perfect. I’m sure you have one in your wardrobe, that high school jacket that you haven’t endured to throw aways, it sure is hidding somewhere in the closet. Add a pair of flat shoes, if they’re masculine, even better, and a bag, if you can just as colorful. And you’re ready! For office – unless you work for a company that requires a tighter dress code, for lunch in town or a walk in the park – it would be a shame not to take advantage of the sun outside.

At the end of the day, you know, it’s not about what clothes or labels you wear, but it’s more about how you felt in them.











Dress: Sonia Rykiel
Denim jacket : MiniMe Paris
Bag: Olympia Le-Tan
Sun glasses : Thierry Lasry
Shoes: Mango
Photo: Aurelien Violet (@chicisthenewpunk)
Image editing: Lasc Media