URBAN DECAY, now finally available in Romania!

Mes cheries, I’ve waited so long to give you this news! URBAN DECAY, the famous brand, now brings to us feminine, dangerous and fun colours on the make-up shelves of six Sephora stores in Bucharest.

The products can now be purchased at Sephora Mall Vitan, Sephora Afi Palace Cotroceni, Sephora Magheru, Sephora Promenda Mall, Sephora Baneasa Shopping City si Sephora Feeria.



I like bold and edgy brands, that is why URBAN DECAY’s story just couldn’t not get my attention.

In the 90’s, pink, red and beige were the three dominant colours on the beauty market.  No chance of having purple or green polished nails! You had to improvise with a marker. That was the moment when Sandy Lerner (co-founder Cysco Systems ) took the matter in her own hands and had the bold idea that she will find a way to satisfy her tastes in colours. And that is how URBAN DECAY’s story began.


One of Sandy’s employees, David Soward, introduced her to the visionary Wende Zomnir ( a very creative business woman and make-up addict ).  A line of 12 shades of nail polish and 10 of lipstick was launched in January 1996 under the name of URBAN DECAY, a line that was created in Wende’s bungalow in Laguna Beach.

The first commercial with the slogan ’’DOES PINK MAKE YOU SICK?’’ shows that URBAN DECAY had a different approach when it comes down to make-up. Inspired by the less attractive facets of the urban landscape, the brand showcases it’s vibrant colours with a specific name: SMOG, RUST, OIL or ACID RAIN.

URBAN DECAY is today the most successful make-up companies in the United States, and I can only say that I am happy that the products that I’ve been buying until now from abroad, are now available in Romania.

What are the URBAN DECAY products that you like the most?