A match made in Heaven

A love story spiced up with hot love scenes, indecent behavior (say some), opulent gifts and sinful confessions. Shortly, 50 Shades of Grey. Most likely, the erotic games from the two main characters will delight the crowd sitting in the cinema. If you are passioned by fashion, your eyes will glue to the – no, no, not to the naked coiled bodies (a little patince, please) – but to the decor within Grey’s house, in which most of the action takes place (and if your mind doesn’t stay at the furniture pieces from the beginning, you can watch the movie again). Sumptuous upholstery, lighting, precious fabrics who I’d be tempted to touch (each individual with his obsessions!) are part of the Guilty Pleasures collection, signed by Koket brand. Rare stones, crystals in unusual shades, finest metals, exotic feathers and sensual materials, all these stay behind this collection, which we can now discover on the big screen.

Janet Morais, founder of the brand, told me that she was flattered by the request of the producers. „ When the set designer contacted me at work, there was mutual delight – she was excited regarding collection, and I, at the thought that I will have my own created items in a movie. I could only think that 50 Shades of Grey and Koket are the perfect combination. Obviously I liked all the items they chose, but if I could add something on their list, I would have certainly chose The Eternity III chandelier, a gorgeous black crystal and polished brass model,  and the Drapesse chair.

50 Shades of Grey is a demonstration of erotism on a visual level. And if you don’t take my word for it, scroll down.

Burlesque Support
Addicta mirror, Obssedia support and Flora plaque
Eternity chandelier, Chandra chair și Exotica table
The Gia chandelier descends from the ceiling like 33 lys flowers
Guilt mirror, Orchidea support și Mandy stool
Vivre chandelier, Allure dining table and Enchanted chair
Armoire Mademoiselle
Ivy coffee table, Hypnotic chandelier, Tresor stool, Delice chairs
 Janet Morais
Janet Morais
In 2010, Janet Morais was launching Koket, an interior design brand, which was going to enjoy a resounding success in no time. The sinuous lines, the design also challenging yet dramatic turns her creations into real statement pieces, designed to have their own personality. Koket evokes power, lust for life, and has an outstanding motto that fits properly, Love Happens.


P.S: I am friend with Sasha Massart for the past 10 years. We met in Paris, we had a type of rare chemistry and starting our first interaction, we launched into never-ending stories. Since then we keep in touch constantly and we maintain a constructive dialogue, as Sasha calls it, any time we get the chance. We have in common our passion for art, design and fashion, with a slight difference. Unlike me, Sasha is a true, real artist. She studied art in Bucharest (her Romanian accent still amuses me), she worked for Christian Dior and Eric Tibusch and signed Marie Claire articles in Japan. And starting today, she is a guest writer on my blog. Sasha promises to keep us up to date with art and design news
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