A tad of salt, please!

Even though it is conveyed that you can maintain your skin beauty only with the help of the most esquisit and sophisticated facial treatments, putting all your money on next generation devices or vanguardist face lotions, there is an easier trick: the saline. Yes, you got it right. The saline.

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After a number of regular saline sessions at Ida Spa, I noticed an improved aspect of my complexion. The specialists that I spoke with explained to me that this method helps skin rejuvenation, diminishes wrinkles, yet having a beneficial effect for different dermatological problems – such as allergic dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, eczema and mild burns.


N’oubliez jamais! Simple things can make a tremendous difference.


Foto: Visual Artistry
Makeup MAC by Anca Serotencu
Location: Ida Spa

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