Ilona’s choices

In the car, little time before we arrive at the photo studio, I zip up Ilona’s jacket. When we get out of the car, she has her jacket open, again. She runs on the snowy alley and laughs. When I manage to catch up with her, I explain that I don’t want her to get a cold and I, nicely, ask her to zip her jacket faster. With her innocent smile and giving me looks right through her eye-lashes, she tells me: “Maman, je suis desolée, but didn’t you said that no matter the weather, we must dress nicely? How can someone see my sweater if I zip my jacket?” Ilona. Simply, Ilona.







Dress: Twin-Set (Contessina Boutique)
Hat: Baby Graziella (Contessina Boutique)
Shoes: Galluci (Anastacia and The Funky Twins)
Foto: Visual Artistry

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