Different. Is Ilona’s favorite word when we go shopping together and she uses it every time she sets her eyes on something that she truly likes. It may be a hat, shoes or a certain dress, even if she has at home another one just like it, but in a different color. It’s amuzing that any time we go inside Ilinca or Naturino stores, my Ilona changes her mood and whispers to me: “Maman, here everything is different”. This prepares me for what comes next: a long talk about what we will buy and what not. Many times, she makes me feel like she likes me to give her arguments, even though, in the end, my answer is no. What else can I say? My child’s personality is… Different. And I adore her for that!












Headband: Simonetta (Ilinca)
Sweater: Il Gufo (Ilinca)
Skirt: Il Gufo (Ilinca)
Shoes: Il Gufo (Naturino)
Photo: Mihai Stetcu

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