Remembering a polka-dotted dress

Mes cheries, do you remember that I was telling you that I can’t wait for my next vacation. Well, there’s not much left until the days off that I took for Easter – and I can’t wait to spend them in the most beautiful place for us there is 🙂 –, and my lack of patience  can be read, between the lines, even in the outfit that I’m suggesting you today.

Spring is my favourite season and that time when I enjoy traveling the most. Today’s dress can be an option for the days of vacation that are yet to come.

monica tand (13)

It’s not a first that I’m recommending you outfits in the famous black and white duo. A more French chic approach than this wouldn’t have been possible, don’t you think? But today’s dress is even more special than it already is. Today’s dress reminds me of childhood and the days before the Easter celebration, when my mom always used to buy me a new dress.

monica tand (1)

Somehow, the most significant memories are the ones when I wear polka-dotted dresses and black patent leather shoes, with a mandatory sling, on the ankle. The outfit that I’m wearing brought a smile on my face and reminded me of my mom. And, as it happened, after the photo shoot, I found mom. She came all the way to Bucharest to surprise us. 🙂

Dress: Moschino
Babies: H & M
Earrings: Meli Melo
Purse: Celine

Photo: Ionut Aldea


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