Haute Couture memories

Whoever said that the laptop screen is incapable in sending emotions, is so wrong! I’ve lived some  very emotional moments, a few days ago, after reading something on the internet, on my laptop. I’ve remembered for a few moments, the most beautiful years of my career, of Paris, of Givenchy, of Alexander McQueen, and the most professional people that I’ve worked with. How so? I’ve read that Givenchy is going to open its doors to the public, for three days. And Givenchy, mes cheries, is the place that I’ve spent a few years of my modeling career, the place where I lived the most beautiful of emotions. I get shivers just thinking about it or pronouncing this name. 🙂


I’m honestly telling you, sometimes I feel bad that I don’t live in Paris. I miss the city’s charm, I miss my friends from there, I miss a lot of places that bring me so many beautiful memories. But most of all, I miss the fashion events from Paris.

If I would have been in Paris last weekend ( on the 20th, 21st, 22nd of May), I would have taken the opportunity and accepted Givenchy’s invitation in visiting the place where it’s birth took place – and they are still born – some of the most beautiful clothing pieces. And the place where I grew, as a model. „Les journees particulieres” GIVENCHY  is an event with a big attitude, in which fashion lovers of all kinds are invited to discover the emotion and energy that creativity has to offer, behind the doors of the famous fashion house.


For three days, the public can reach into the place that is so closely related to the historical moments when d’Hubert de Givenchy established the haute couture fashion house, at the beginning of the 50’s. From then on, Givenchy’s vision has gone through years of success, having the as a starting point the aristocrat elegance and reaching the sensual and romantic creations signed by Riccardo Tisci.


Hotel de Caraman, the place that I would have seen with great emotion the other days, mes cheries, is remarkable for its architecture. It was built in the nineteenth century and lived a long period of time by the French aristocrats. This is Givenchy’s headquarters from 1959. Everything in the hotel is so beautiful! And every little corner is somehow a part of me. 🙂

Opened for the second time to the  passionate public in terms of fashion, the hotel has hosted, throughout the years, the creative spirits of John Galliano, Alexander McQueen and, from 2005, of Riccardo Tisci. In present, here is the working place of the artistic department, here are the creative studios and also the house’s atelier. Here, between these walls of this spectacular building, were created clothes that I’ve also worn.


The most beautiful part of the 3 minute visit, that has a lecturer as a guide, would have been, without a doubt, the part where I would have admired the beautiful dressed displayed in the main salon and, of course, the guide’s explanations regarding the process of the haute couture creation.

I will make sure that I won’t miss the next edition of „Les journees particulieres” GIVENCHY , because this is an event that you won’t have the pleasure of living too many times in your lifetime.

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