Andra Manea, the Official Makeup Artist for L’Oreal: ‘’We create happiness with our own hands’’

Andra Manea is the new Official Makeup Artist for L’Oreal, so I asked her if she could answer me a few questions, especially for you, mes cheries. I hope you like the article and you will follow Andra, she is a true professional and an amazing person.


First of all, I would like to congratulate you for the new position. What was your reaction when you were offered the position of the Official Makeup Artist for L’Oreal? What was the first thing that came into your mind?

Thank you! I was very surprised and touched by L’Oreal’s proposal! My first thought was: ‘’I really have to talk to Alex!’’

What do you think that the biggest challenge as the Official Makeup Artist for L’Oreal will be?

The biggest challenge, and also responsibility, will surely be maintaining the high professionalism that Alexandru Abagiu used us to!

You are one of the most respected make-up artists on the market right now – thus L’Oreal’s proposal. When did you realize that you wanted to transform your passion for makeup in a job?

Thank you! Initially, I didn’t imagine that my passion for makeup will become my job. I was doing makeups just for fun and gradually I started making money out of it and so I invested in a professional makeup kit. I had the luck of meeting Alexandru Abagiu at one of my courses in makeup and so he took me as his assistant. Beside the fact that I ‘’stole’’ some tricks from the best, Alexandru taught me how does a true professional has to look and act.

What do you like the most about your job?

The thing that I love the most about my job is that I had the opportunity to meet really great people, extremely talented and hardworking people, people from whom I always learn something new. The beauty of this job is that every day is different. A different location, a different team that I work with, a different model or photographer. There is no place for boredom.


In your opinion, which are the top three makeup secrets for aperfect everyday look?

A day look starts mandatory with a nourishing cream with sun block – we have to remember that the sun is the main cause of premature aging of the skin. A little ‘’healthy’’ blushed cheeks (a blush in a natural color), a concealer applied with precision, just on the blemishes and on the dark circles, a nourishing lipstick and a fine layer of mascara.

What makes you grateful as a professional?

When I see the makeup that I’ve done on a cover of a magazine, in a video clip, in a shop window or on an add on a banner, that is when I can say that I am truly accomplished as a professional.

Who are the people that inspire you? At your job and in your personal life?

Even from high school, when I was collecting pages out of magazines with his work, and until today, Alexandru Abagiu was my main inspiration. That is why, as you can imagine that I feel so, so honored to step on his footprints, as the Official Makeup Artist for L’Oreal Paris. He is an extraordinary person and, besides my husband who inspires me on a personal level, I have never met a person like him: very talented and also very modest!

What makes you happy?

It’s said that we create our own happiness, with our bare hands! In my case, this is very true! My happiness is, mostly, the happiness that people around me have. The satisfaction that I get when I see the look on a bride’s face when she sees herself for the first time in the mirror, at the end of my work, or when she calls me, after a few years, to ask me to do her makeup for the christening of her baby. This is priceless! I am convinced that we always get what we give!


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