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Mes cheries, you already know me well: my style is french chic, but, sometimes, when I feel like brightening up a cloudy day, I will always wear with pleasure pieces that are not part of the look that I’ve used you to. In this category are included the outfits that showcase animal print pieces.

Monica Tand

Maybe you are all wondering when did animal print go into fashion? When the Europeans started the colonization of Asia and Africa, in the 18th century, they came home with skins from leopards, tigers and zebra. Those exotic patterns were quickly printed on fabrics ( for the uber-rich, of course) and they were immediately admired and loved. Two centuries later, iconic beauties such as Lauren Becall or Marilyn Monroe brought animal-print into the spotlight and into the attention of all designers.


Animal Print, like in the case of non-colours, are never going to go out of fashion. It doesn’t matter the season, animal print is as appreciated in winter like it is in summer, and, furthermore, it can be worn in almost any combination.

I chose to mix up in this outfit the animal print coat with a pleatet skirt.  The combination is not very shy, but not very bold either.  Because, when it comes to animal print, that’s the idea: knowing your limits.

How do you mix and match animal print, les filles?

Coat: Zara
Sweatshirt: &Other Stories
Skirt: Cos
Dres: Calzedonia
Derby: Cos
Purse: Celine
Earrings & ring: H&M

Photo: Ionut Aldea

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