The appearance that caught all the attention at the Oscars

The 89th edition of The Oscars announced its winners. It was a night full with surprises, unprecedented situations, unexpected winners and e whole world analysed and talked about the red carpet appearances. I would like to talk to you about one in particular! The outfit that I consider to be the ultimate appearance of this year’s Oscars was: Isabelle Huppert, a symbol of elegance and style and a true example on how to cope the best with the years that inevitably descend upon us all. A revelation for this year, both in acting (the role in the movie ‘’Elle’’ brought her tens of nominations and awards), and when it comes to her style, this French woman managed to have that ‘’je ne sais quoi’’ on the red carpet. For this year’s Oscars she chose an Armani gown that was extremely feminine, showcased by her extraordinary attitude and her ‘’ageless elegance’’. Isabelle has a unique style, very well contoured, a style defined by femininity and class, which you will be able to discover in all her public appearances.Isabelle Huppert is a 63 year old French actress. She played in over 100 movies and television productions, the most known being ‘’Amour’’, ‘’The piano teacher’’, ‘’I heart Huckabees’’. This year, a new production brought her into the audience’s attention. Her role in ‘’Elle’’, the story of a woman that meets and confronts the man that raped her, a role that brought her among other things, Oscar nominations.
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