Velvet touch

Mes cheries, today I have a smooth story for you, the smoothest ever. A story about velvet. A fabric which origins are long lost in time, it is said that velvet has its origin from a city amongst the Silk Road, nobody knowing the name of the city, and it was first made in the year 2000 B.C. . From then on, velvet has migrated from the Middle East throughout the world, and in the 1500’s it arrived in Europe as well. Good thing it arrived in our parts too, because today I wouldn’t have gone for a walk in my favourite velvet trousers. 🙂
Velvet, this distinguished fabric, has seduced many people and inspired many designers. Some have declined to use it mostly in dressed and evening pieces, other, the brave ones, have found a masculine approach for it. Velvet is, however, as always the same: smooth, elegant, precious.
monicatand (1)

Do you remember, mes cheries, that I always try to give a personal touch to every piece that I chose to wear. This is how I explain today’s outfit: a different way of wearing the elegant black velvet trousers – the most precious of velvets – , in a combination with sports shoes.

Would you have the courage to wear velvet during the day?

Pantaloni: Sandro
Camasa: H&M
Pantofi sport: Adidas Superstar
Ccercei: H&M
Geanta: Celine
Ochelarii: Thierry Lasry
Poze: Lasc Media

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