The advantage of being a modern princess

Since we returned from our vacation, Ilona has a new, favourite game: the princess game. What can I say, the role simply suits her perfectly.
In the morning, she doesn’t come to breakfast in her pijamas anymore. She makes her appearance in different outfits which would surprise even an experienced stylist. Everybody has to hold their back straight, smile politely even if she doesn’t like what they told her, and try really hard not to miss our family reunion, which she prior sets.


And because we all entered her game, Ilona started to inspect our outfits, before we leave the house. She is mostly preoccupied by how her clothes match.
By self-proclaiming the princess role, it’s normal that she wants to combine a pink dress not as a normal girl would (her words exactly). Animal print tenis shoes, an over-sized bag and a masculin hat seem to be the choices for this Friday. Until next week, she’s surely going to find something else to surprise us with.







Dress: Bonpoint (Bonpoint Store)
Hat: Zara Kids (Zara Store)
Tenis shoes: Zara Kids (Zara Store)
Bag: Bonpoint (Bonpoint Store)
Photo: Csilla Szasz

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