Back into the future

Mes cheries, while I’m writing this text, I realize that I’m very excited. After 17 years of modeling, one shouldn’t feel butterflies in stomach when it comes to announce that they are the image of a new campaign. Just that this time, it’s about MA RA MI, a Romanian brand, which is making a difference both in the local landscape and abroad – which makes me feel very proud, but also makes my heart beat louder.

For me you are a fashion icon, and for Romania, you are THE ICON, and I simply couldn’t see anybody else suitable to represent and emphasize my clothes”, Andra Clitan wrote to me at the beginning of summer (the extremely talented designer, who’s story is right here ), asked me to be the image of her campaign for the fall/winter 2015 collection. I admit that I felt honored. Especially that I adore her creations and wear them any time I have the occasion.

So, here we are staging a heartbreaking story, having focus on a collection inspired particularly by Arab culture from the used materials such as natural silk, organza, velvet and veil of silk or brocade, to the colors which are discrete, easy to match and wear, marked sometimes by explicit red shades, full of personality.

The outfits from the fall-winter 2015 collection are designed in several layers – characteristic of the Arab world – with pieces designed from nude materials, as the basis for the main outfit. Andra Clitan used, as she already accustomed us, couture techniques, as well as a careful selection of fabrics, soft furnishings and subtle details. Below, I invite you to discover the look book and I hope to carry these unique pieces of clothing in as many original combinations as possible.

IMG_0612-Edit Rochie Chahd

The Chahd dress is made of silk. It is of an intense red, lose, and black fringes embellishments. It closes with loops on the lower back side. The dress also has tulle lining.

IMG_0712-Edit Rochie Latifa

Latifa dress is made of white, natural organza, doubled with black tulle lining, and embellished with beige pearls.

IMG_0404-Edit-2 Tinuta Mio
The pencil skirt with a diagonal cut on the back is made of natural silk, doubled with black tulle lining with gold and copper border. The jacket, kimono style, has a cut on the right side and is made of natural silk associated with silk muslin doubled with black tulle, and decorated with gold and copper boarder, just as the skirt.

IMG_0729-Edit Rochie Rania
Ocher silk mesh organza dress, doubled with black tulle; the dress is finished with an ocher lace with gold yarn. The sleeve has covered silk buttons as decoration, and the fastening of the dress is made with hooks, on the back. The dress should be worn with the black, silk, and organza plastron, closed in the back with black lace and silk tassels, approximately 10 cm long.


Second skin outift made with inserted hidden corset. The jumpsuit has and under leg strap, for a better fit.

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