Fairy-tales for … adults

One evening, while I was narrating the story of Snow White, my Ilona interrupts me and tells me that she would not have wanted to be a princess in a time so far-away from us. She doesn’t like long dresses, or folds on dresses, neither corsets. And if she’s honest all the way, not even the jewelry from those times don’t fit her taste (we had an argument over this matter).


Perched in the middle of the bed, she asked me, with a very serious face, how would Snow White dress in the summer if she had to go on a picnic. Then she runs in the dressing room and comes back triumphant waving in the air an I Pinco Pallino dress from Il Gufo, that she has since last year (a key piece of the brand). To get the general view, she let’s me know that she’ll be wearing it at the photo shooting with a straw headband from Simonetta and the patent leather shoes from Il Gufo ( I told you before about them). She then gets serious again and tells me with a pointing finger: “Maman, this is how Snow White should have dressed for a picnic. Well, she wasn’t a modern princess, but I am.”
Ilona. Simply Ilona.









Headband: Simonetta (Ilinca Store)
Dress: I Pinco Pallino (Ilinca Store)
Patent leather shoes: Il Gufo (Naturino Store)
Photo: Mihai Stetcu Photography
Image editing: Csilla Szasz

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