Bonjour from Paris! I understand that time in Bucharest i not that friendly. Last night, when I called Nicolai, he told me that it rains and that Ilona and Iancu have found all sorts of games inside the house. Obviously, they involved him. Well, one vase fell, one rug got twisted, but everyone is safe. They want me to come home sooner. I could hear the kids in the background as they call me. I don’t tell them anything, but I started to have tears flowing to my cheeks.


I start to tear up even when I am preparing these photos with Ilona, for today’s posting. I realize how big she’s got. Dressed in a pair of pants and a white shirt from Bonpoint, she smiles from the screen of my laptop. My daughter is the embodiment of joy. So I try to follow her example and laugh too. Even though I’m melting of how much I miss her, even though I’d like to read Iancu a bed time story while he nestles in my arms, it’s not easy being a mother. Sometimes, even if you have a rewarding career, you have remorses that you’re not home with your children. Sometimes, you feel guilty.


Before I left, Ilona encouraged me to not worry that I’ll be missing me a week. “When I will be big, I, myself, will leave from home to spend a week in Paris, but you will not be angry with me because you know I’ll be back home soon and I love you from anywhere in the world.” Well, regarding her departure we’ll see at the right time. 🙂









Short pants: Bonpoint (Magazin Bonpoint)
Top: Bonpoint (Magazin Bonpoint)
Flip flop: Zara (Magazin Zara)
Photo: Lasc Media

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