Cherry lips

Mes cheries, I’ve said it once and I’m going to say it again: lipstick has the power to change our look completely . The are those days when we don’t feel like putting any make-up on, especially during the warm season. On days like this, with a touch of mascara and a lipstick you can achieve an impeccable look. And feel like it. Lipstick and a smile are two things that you always have to have with you.


There is a movie that’s called Why I woke lipstick to my mastectomy. I won’t tell you the plot of the movie, but I want you to keep in mind this expression whenever you don’t feel like yourself, and put some lipstick on your lips. Your favourite lipstick. You’ll see everything in a different perspective.


One of my favourite lipsticks are, lately, the ones with a matte texture from Bourjois, Rouge Edition Souffle de Velvet, and you can find them in 8 colour varieties.

Orangélique, Fuchsiamallow, Plum Plum Pidou, Cherryleaders and Carameli Melo are just some of the shades you can find. Cherryleaders, the colour of cherries, is my favourite. But you already know that intense red lipstick is my personal touch.

Recommended price: 53,5 LEI

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