The white shirt is the star!

Mes cheries, I really think that this is the clothing item that can’t miss from any wardrobe. The white shit is none of the less the must have fashionable items and, most importantly, it’s the one thing that will get you out of a fashion dilemma. You’re out of ideas +when it come to outfits? Just pull out a white shirt and all is done!

I really like the approach that H&M has in this new collection, the H&M Studio collection. The oversized sleeves are very cool and give your outfit that ’’certain something’’. The white shirt is the focal point, so whatever you choose to wear it whith, jeans or a skirt, you will be the center of attention for sure!

The H&M Studio collection is available in the selected stores, but also on-line. You will discover a line of products inspired by the feminine strength and the folk romance, products that write a story about strong colours combined in special ways, details, embroidery and rich fabrics.

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