The everyday shirt

I love shirts! I absolutely love them. There are a few moments that I think, – or maybe that’s the truth 🙂 – that I have too many clothes in my dressing – too many dresses, too many skirts, too many pairs of trousers. But I couldn’t say that about shirts. Because in their case, having too many shirts is never too much. 🙂


My French chic style is mainly due to shirts. Manly or a touch more feminine, with clean cuts or with ruffles, with a straight collar or a tunic shaped collar with little details or no details at all, made from the best quality cotton (that is a must) – that can be ironed to perfection! – white, black, blue or in any color. There are so many options and so many reasons for me not to fall in love with this piece every day.


The shirt is a piece that is suitable in many contexts, in any season. We can wear it during the day, when we go out for a walk, but also at a special event, at a business meeting, but also when we go with the little ones in the park.

The piece that shouldn’t miss from a woman’s wardrobe, the shirt, can be used in tens of combinations. For me, the best way to wear it is with a skirt.

How do you like to wear your shirt?

Shirt: H&M
Skirt: Zara
Shoes: Mosquitos
Earrings: M&M
Purse: Celine
Foto: Lasc Media

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