When shoes set the tune of an outfit

A pair of shoes can easily transform an outfit! There are those type of shoes with ‘’a personality’’ so strong, that they clearly become the main attraction of the outfit. Case and point for these bootees that I’ve absolutely fallen in love with. I wanted to accentuate them by wearing a simple outfit, with a classic cut, the only ‘’ extravagance’’ being the tulle neckline of the shirt.

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Vintage coat

Sweater: Burberry (Magazinul Burberry)

Shirt: Valentino Red (Magazinul Sport Couture)

Skirt: Burberry (Magazinul Burberry)

Watch: Longines

Earings: H&M

Fantasy ring: Meli Melo

Boots: Sergio Rossi

Bag: Celine

Photos: The Storyalist

Pictures edit: Lasc Media


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