When seduction rules change

I don’t know about you, but there have been moments in my life when unwillingly I set my mind on a masculine perfume. Not necessarily for the fragrance left on skin after the perfume would vaporize, but for the moments that it would actually awaken. Finally, I would end up abandoning it because it doesn’t talk about who I am, but it only talks about what I have lived.

Flacon MD CMJN
Gentlewoman, EDP 100 ml, Juliette Has a Gun, exclusiv la Beautik Haute Parfumerie

The first time I tried Gentlewoman from Juliette Has a Gun, an olfactory cocktail with notes of neroli essence, orange blossom, almond and musk, I got the impression that Romano Ricci, its creator, actually had been reading my thoughts. The perfume is extremely feminine, yet is striking through its masculine side.

I imagine it being the choice of a strong woman, slightly arrogant, who knows how to manipulate the game of seduction. One of those women, who know when it’s time to withdraw. One of those women who never ever endanger their femininity while dominating.

Gentlewoman, EDP 100 ml, Juliette Has a Gun, exclusiv la Beautik Haute Parfumerie

Romano Ricci made a confession during the perfume launching in Romania. Ricci stated that though Gentlewoman he wanted to synthesize the dandy side of woman. “She’s modern and bold, and I envy her freedom, taste and style“, he said out loud. To be honest, she’s got all the reasons because… this type of woman, the Gentlewoman actually exists. It’s not just a figment of a man’s imagination. We see her many times around us. And… Even though her purpose in life isn’t to get a ring on her finger, she’s can’t resist a seductive and gentlemanly gesture such as a kiss on the hand.

romano ricci portrait

PS: To all the girls that say gentlemen don’t exist anymore: they do exist, but they are attracted to gentlewomen.

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