When the Cantine de Nicolai terrace becomes a playground

Bonjour les filles! I’m easily sentimental today. 🙂 I’ve only missed home for ten days, but when I returned from Paris, I realized that my Ilona changed. At her age, kids grow so fast, and I got used to being there, for every important moment of her evolution. That is why, I try to spend as much time as possible with her and Iancu. Time never comes back and we’ll never have have the change to enjoy the first steps, the first words or the first “I love you” of our children. That’s why I encourage you to spend as much time as possible around them. Just like Ilona told me, no matter how many toys I brought her back home, she doesn’t need anything else than me.


That Saturday, when I returned home, she let me rest, but on Sunday, she took me to show me her secret spot where she drank the five o’clock tea with Nicolai, while I was gone. They had a new game, and I desired to be part of it as soon as possible. I had many ideas in my mind, but I never thought it was going to be the La Cantine de Nicolai’s terrace. For what it’s worth, while Ilona was in vacation, my husband and me try our best to transform the restaurant’s terrace into an intimate and extremely pleasant place. We put up lights, we gave the place a chic atmosphere and, for a plus of joy, we brought many, many plans. In the evening, when the place gets very romantic due to all the candles, I love to spend time, until late at night, with our guest. Ilona discovered the renovated terrace after I left Bucharest and she simply loved it.


Today’s shooting has been done on the terrace in order to enjoy the beautiful and warm days of autumn. What simply made my day is that Ilona insisted that her dress and hat aren’t fitted for drinking tea, and in these conditions she would rather opt for an “ille flottante”. I don’t know if, while I was missing, she used these arguments, before, in order to persuade her father. But… she sure does sound like she practiced before, 🙂















Dress: Bonpoint (Bonpoint Store)
Hat: Bonpoint (Bonpoint Store)
Flip-flops: Zara (Zara Store)
Photo: Lasc Media

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