How much do we actually avoid acting our age? Is the first lady of France an example for ‘’don’t’’?

For a while now France has a new first lady: Brigitte Trogneux. There was a lot of press and a lot of gossip of the story between her and the new president of France, Emanuel Macron. Brigitte left her husband, father of her three children, to be with Macron, although the difference between them is 25 years. Once in the eye of the public, not just the life of the first lady was dissected, but also her public appearance. In this case, there are a lot of question marks, if you ask me. How important is it to stand up to you age? A young spirit is not always helped by having a young-looking body. What does fashion protocol mean for a status like this? Is it cool or outrageous to wear mini-skirts at 60?
Brigitte is 64, mother of 3 and grandmother of 7 children. Without a shadow of a doubt she looks spectacular for considering her age. And would like to point out ‘’for her age’’. I think that there is a moment in life when it’s crucial to adapt your wardrobe in order to match your age. I think it’s something absolutely natural. It doesn’t mean you’re giving up because of it, that you can’t enjoy life, it doesn’t mean you are put down because of the year you were born, no! It means that you are living another phase of your life and that it is important to act accordingly. There’s a very fine line between being cool and oblivion. When your body isn’t helping you any more: your skin on your arms or over your knees is saggy, dressing accordingly, without exposing so much these things, does not mean you are old. This can very well happen to a 20 years old young woman. The clothes are made to make us stand out and sometimes to hide some parts that are not so flattering. It’s a rule that applies no matter how old you are. A skirt that covers the knees, a blouse or dresses with a three-quartered sleeve, could be an ideal solution, that could transform the first lady of France into a fashion icon.
No matter what your social status is, if you are a first lady or just a housewife, who raises her children, I think it’s important to be aware of the phase of your life you are in. Every age has its magic, so it’s a shame and sometimes harmful, to be the phantom of the ‘’never ending youth’’.

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