How about 24 days of holidays?


The holidays are always a good time to spend more time with your family and friends. But I enjoy doing this all the time, we having our house full, I like it when Nicolai cooks and friends enjoy his food, I like setting the table…

Back in Tokyo, after 20 years


I love Japan. I lived there for 3 months some time ago. Recently, I revisited with Nicolai, after more than 20 years. This was a vacation that was planned for some time and which we were waiting for anxiously, and last year for Christmas, I…

Two surgeries in just one week


Mes cheries, my absence from the blog was totally motivated. I had a quite rough time, with strong emotions and unpredictable situations, one of them right on the day of my birthday. What I can tell you is that two members of my family had…