What is mine, remains mine

Velvet white sheep, what you give I get to keep. When she likes something that she doesn’t want to let go no matter the instance, Ilona repeats smiling these words that she learned at kindergarten. After she tried on the velvet dress from Il Gufo, she adapted the words after her own liking: “Velvet dress, what you give, you don’t take back”. To be honest, I would have wanted to keep if I was her. First of all, I like velvet. And if it’s blue, it’s even better. And… even though, some might pretend that this rich and very-comfortable fabric better suits autumn or winter days, on such a capricious weather, you actually afford to play with fabrics and textures even at the beginning of spring.


I told Ilona that in the past velvet meant luxury, which only aristocrats, kings and princesses afforded. And even though she seems like paying more attention to the light and shadow show what the fabric created than to my story, Ilona turned around at one moment and told me: Maman, I told you I am a princess. Ilona. Simply Ilona.








Dress: Il Gufo (Ilinca Store)
Shoes: Il Gufo (Naturino Store)
Headband: Il Gufo (Ilinca Store)
Photo: Mihai Stetcu Photography
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