What did I took with me from Portugal

If I had to move tomorrow in another country, that country would be Portugal. I’ve been there again a few days ago and it caught me for life! The food, the landscapes, the people…it’s a bright country, in which life has a totally different course. We’ve landed in Lisbon, where we spent a couple of days. The beginning of the trip wasn’t that fortunate, because of an error of the car rental company, we had to wait about 3 hours in the airport to bring us the car. But once we took off, we had the good mood back once we stopped at the first restaurant. From Lisbon we then departed to Sintra, one of the most beautiful regions in Portugal. We walked through Quinta da Regaleira, a huge domain, with grottos, lakes, luxurious vegetation and an incredibly beautiful palace, that only after we found out that it is one of the UNESCO heritage. In the area there are many castles, the architecture is incredible, so if you have in mind to go there, you should know that you will have a lot of visiting.

The final destination was Luso, a small town that is very famous in all of Portugal for its mineral waters. In this region, we’ve discovered one of the most impressive hotels that I’ve ever seen in my life: Bassaco Palace, a castle that was turned into a hotel at the beginning of the 90’s. The architectural details, the immense terraces, the great-sized rooms, all seemed to be cut out of a king and queen story.

But as I come back down to earth, I have to confess that, beside all of the wonderful memories, I’ve come back home from Portugal with something more: 7 kilograms of detergent. Yes! I’ve discovered coincidentally in a supermarket a detergent that I used to use in Paris and that I really much like. If we didn’t have any luggage limits, I surely would have brought home a few containers. So, one more reason to love Portugal! J

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