The most beautiful light

Paris is definitely my dearest city. I love it in any way and shape, but I find it incredibly romantic in the light of the sun ready to set.
Golden hour, the first and last hour of sunlight cover it in warm tones, which transform it in a place for which you hopelessly  fall in love.
Some time ago I visited it again. I received the proposal from a parisian agency to organize a fashion show and a photoshoot for an Asian client. There were a few busy days, it was the first time I was “behind” the catwalk. I have worked both as stylist for the photoshoot, and as producer of the event, which meant running from one place to another, finding locations, selecting models, deciding make-up and hair, etc.
However, one day I took a few minutes from my schedule to admire the city covered by the most beautiful daylight. I was on the roof of Lafayette Galleries, the exact place where I organized the fashion show, and it was as if time stopped for a few moments. The view was breathtaking: Eiffel Tower, Place de la Madeleine, Sacre Coeur….It was my moment!
A mixture of calm, professional satisfaction, because the entire project was a success, and inner peace, all enjoyed in Paris flooded by a warm light.
The golden hour is the source of inspiration for L’Occitane’s new perfume. “Terre de Lumière” captures the magical light of the sunset from La Provence in a signature perfume that sets the foundations of the gourmet-aromatic category, marking a new landmark in the industry. The perfume captures the sensorial nature of the French region, the beauty of the lavender fields and flowers bathed in the warm light of the sunset and the good feeling that you have when it surrounds your skin and senses. “Terre de Lumière”  and  aromatic , this contrast being essential and offering the perfume mystery and uniqueness.
In its composition are found 50% natural ingredients and Orpurs rare raw materials: bergamot, ambrette seeds, fine lavander, bee wax and tonka grains. The lavander honey is another landmark ingredient for Provence, is the one that gives the middle note, gourmet, sweetish and conforting.

The good news is that the perfume can be yours! Post a photo between 7 and 12 of April with a sunset or a sunrise on your personal Instagram accounts along with the hashtags #goldenhour #loccitane #goldenMonica. The 3 winners will be chosen by  draw and will be announced on the blog, on 14 of April. Good luck to everyone! 🙂

You can find here all the rules of the contest.

UPDATE : The winners are: George Tecușan (@tecusangeorge) Loredana Parsan (@loredanaparsan) Raluca Mîrza (@ralu.mirza). Please give us the contact data

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