The most beautiful surprise

Mes cheries, as you’ve already found out (from Facebook :)), last weekend, myself and Nicolai escaped the city’s chaos for a little while. And not anywhere, but in Italy, a place that Nicolai wanted to visit for so long, but we always had other priorities. But I took advantage that it was his birthday anyway and surprised him. I absolutely love surprising my loved ones and I’m so glad that I managed to put together this mini-vacation, without my beloved husband even suspecting a thing.

vacanta in Capri (2)

We left home on Friday at the crack of dawn to the airport. Nicolai knew that we were going to work all day, filming something. But when we arrived at the airport, at 4:30 a.m., the filming crew wasn’t on the spot. Surprise: the filming day was transformed into a relaxing weekend just for the two of us. Nicolai couldn’t believe it, he just couldn’t. And I couldn’t believe myself, that I was able to keep a secret for that long.

vacanta in Capri (6)

We arrived in Rome at 7:00 a.m., and after that we took a train to Naples, and from Naples we arrived on the Amalfi Coast. We had the most amazing three days, and got the opportunity to relax, go for walks and visit some wonderful places.

For three days we got up around 9:00 a.m., we took our breakfast in peace and quiet, we didn’t have to take our kids to the kinder garden, we took walks, but we also went on a boat ride, we laughed, we smiled, we ate the best ice cream. The Amalfi Coast, Positano, Capri, Sorento – all proved to be wonderful, at least as nice as in the tourist guides. In Capri we went to Grotta Azzura, a beautiful place that was in Nicolai’s heart even before seeing it in reality, but also went to Grotta Verde, Punta Carena, Grotta Bianca. The scenery was absolutely breathtaking!

vacanta in Capri (1)

Every day, besides visiting the objectives, we also checked one of the most important objectives: enjoying one another. These little escapades (without kids) are wonderful for parents and couples, really,

Oh, and we also checked another thing: excellent food. We tried to go and eat where the locals usually eat. And we discovered some extraordinary places. This weekend I can really say that I ate the world’s most delicious pizza. It only had buffalo mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and some basil leaves, but it was just perfect!

We arrived back home on Sunday evening, and on Monday we started it all over again – kinder garden, meetings, projects, filming etc. – but we’re rested and relaxed and surely we’re going to cope way better with the daily chaos now. Until the next escapade. 🙂

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