The most beautiful day of this summer. My wedding day

I’ve always imagined how our wedding will look like from the moment we set the date. I had in my mind, not only the big picture, but every single detail, I’ve thought of a story for each moment, of the meaning of every object, because I really wanted it to reflect us. I told Nicolai that the most beautiful and foremost the best thing to to is to have a small wedding, because that would have meant that we were involved completely and that we can enjoy those moments live, not only in the after pictures. We’ve decided that we will do it in our own home, in the house were Nicolai grew up. I already knew how important were his parents in his life, the strength of their bond and that he could have them next to him in this way. I have to confess that before the event, I made a true walk of power.

A few years ago, we’re transformed the old barn into a house, a traditional house from Maramures, which we’ve started to renovate. I promise to tell you more about this in another post, hoping that you will find my ideas inspiring. So, a few days before the event we were still renovating, we had a lot of arranging to do, guests to receive and so on. With the help of our dear ones, everything turned out exactly the way I dreamed of.

The wedding was for me another opportunity for me to realise how passionate I am for arrangements and interior design. It’s a field which I absolutely love, that is why I think that the ideas come naturally to me whenever I relate to this field. Many people asked me who arranged the table in the garden, after seeing it, because it turned out to be spectacular. I had in my mind the exact way it should look like, how should the candles look, the flowers, the table cloth. I have to give thanks to all of the people that helped me give these ideas life: Anca, Nicolai’s niece, who helped me to order the flowers, Ela was the one who helped me decorate, Nea Victor made the rig on which the light bulbs were placed exactly how I wanted them. Everybody had a role in this story.  I really wanted to have peonees, because they are my favourite flowers and I found them the perfect place, in small water bowls. The table cloth was made out from a bag material, which I thought that went well with the overall decor. Each and every ornament on the napkins was carefully selected and placed.

The bridal dress that I wore, was something that I’ve worked on with Cristina Săvulescu, and I can really say that it reflected my altogether. I wanted something simple, chic, with an element that made it pop out: a black bow.

Let me tell you about the wedding cake! Everyone told me that it was sensational, so good that the next day I was asked if there was a piece left of it. 🙂 The kudos goes to the bakery from Seini, which not only makes beautiful specialties, but also delicious. Our cake was with chocolate frosting and sour cherries, this being my favourite combination.

The wedding day was really special. We’ve enjoyed the presence of our family, friends and and every moment which we spent together. There were many people that helped us and we wish to thank each and every one of them for building this story with us.

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