The best reason to wait unpatienty autumn

All of my friends already know that I’m a big fan of the capsule collections that H&M is made in collaboration with the big fashion houses and famous designers. I haven’t missed a collection, nor when I lived in Paris,  or when I moved back to Romania and bought from all of the capsule collections at least three or four pieces that I love.

That’s why the news that announced a new collaboration with H&M is, for me, a very good reason to wait impatiently for November, as much as I love summer. 🙂

Carol Lim, Anne Sofie Johansen, Humberto Leon

This time, the name chosen by H&M is Kenzo, a brand that I really like. Playful, full of life and colourful, the Parisian brand is one of the happiest and freshest brands, always trying to give you a restart with their vibrant collections.

Carol Lim, Anne Sofie Johansen, Humberto Leon 2

I’m very, very curious how will the pieces of this collaboration look like! I can picture some prints that are so Kenzo, perfectly integrated as we speak in my wardrobe.

The creations – so feminine, and also masculine – can be admired starting from the 3rd of November. That is the date of the official launch of the collection. Have I told you that I can’t wait?

How do you see this collaboration, mes cheries?

*The creative directors, Carol Lim & Humberto Leon will put their signature touch, especially for H&M, on collection for both females and males, but also on a line of accessories. The KENZO X collection for H&M will be available in stores starting with the 3rd of November, in over 250 selected stores around the world, and also online.

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