Childhood games

I don’t know how other parents are, but I feel a tremendous joy when Ilona asks me to bue her dolls or teddy-bears. It’s a relief feeling, to be honest with you, that my little girl doesn’t glue her eyes only to the TV or tablet, and she actually prefers to play hide-and-seek in the park. My Ilona is grateful for all the games and enjoys each and every little droll of childhood, just as I used to do when I was her age. The dress signed by the Simonetta famous Italian brand, with teddy-bear, hearts and skates print, reflets better than any fashion piece the playful and efervescent personality of my daughter. And I love to chose together the clothes that represent her.


Maman, put my hair in a pony-tail because it fits better with the dress”, was Ilona’s only wish. Certainly, this after she whispered that she needs special shoes for the dress. Ilona. Simply Ilona.







Dress: Simonetta (Ilinca Store)
Shoes: Il Gufo (Naturino Store)
Photo: Mihai Stetcu Photography

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