Who goes to the library ?

Maman, tell your friends from your blog that I want to dress like this, Thursday, at the library“, Ilona tells me while she indicates a series of pictures that you will see below.


Even though she is still in kindergarden, maitesse taught them everything regarding library cards and once a week, Ilona brings back the books that she borrowed and takes home new ones. What brings tremendous joy to me is that in the evening, she really wants to read together stories from the book. Yesterday, a friend tried a joke and asked her if she’d trade: Ilona will give the book and she will give her a tablet. “Maman, she should go to the library to get her own books“, she slowly whispered to my ear.









Dress: Simonetta (Magazin Ilinca)
Shoes: Il Gufo (Naturino)
Foto: Mihai Stetcu

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