Couture for little girls

Ilona told me today, out of the blue, that she’s a lucky kid. She took me in her arms and stuck onto me, in an effusion of tenderness that she shows me quite rare since she entered the biggest age group in kindergarten. As my laptop was on the table, I immediately made the connection. She saw the pictures from today and most certainly, she is still on cloud nine because she wore an absolutely spectacular I Pinco Pallino dress, with the upper part handmade with embroidery and sophisticated flowers. I’m so close to the truth and what really happened. She admits that she simply loved it – what doesn’t surprise me at all considering the fabric, the care for each and every detail and the fine embroidery. An exceptional Italian brand, I Pinco Pallino has its signature placed solely on dresses and clothes of the highest quality, unique design, which can easily be tailored for everyday outfits, that actually make you feel as you’d step on the catwalk.


Ilona still insists to tell me that she’s lucky to have a blog and that she heard Nicolai talking to someone who said that the online is the future, from where she drew the conclusion that she is on the right track. 🙂











Dress: I Pinco Pallino
Shoes: Zara
Photo: Lasc Media

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