Haw was I to miss the 8th of March gift?

I had a wonderful surprise on the 8th of March…that was about to miss, almost 😊. Nicolai thought about what to do, how to do it, how to surprise me, so he arranged for a weekend getaway in Paris, for just the two of us. Then came the part of the gif giving. He wanted to be a surprise, and it was, but not exactly as he planned it to be. We were at a restaurant and he gave me a bunch of papers for me to put them in my purse. The thing was all calculated, because he was convinced that I’ll take a peak, out of curiosity, to see what they are about. I took them leisurely and without glancing at them. Them the ‘’panic’’ was installed. It was Wednesday, and on Friday morning we had to leave. The evening passed and with it also my astonishment that he didn’t give me a flower. I’ve put it on the fact that he is tired, of the full schedule and I got over it. All of this time, he was talking with our mutual friend Ileana about how to give me the announcement. Thursday morning, with a last hope, he called me and told me that he needed the papers that he gave me a night before. He asked me to look for them quickly and dictate him some numbers. When I got them out of my purse and saw that they were plane tickets for Paris, I couldn’t believe my eyes! ‘’You of all people, the most curious person I know, didn’t look until now to see what was in there?!’’, Nicolai said 😊. It was a really awesome moment, I hardly need to say anything about the weekend in Paris…Three days of enjoying each other, of our friends, of the great food, of the walk on the Parisian streets and, of course, just a little bit of shopping! 😊







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