How do you come to love your perfume

I’m a true perfume lover. I have a few favourites when it comes to perfumes,  and those are the ones I wear daily and I absolutely love them. But every once in a while I like to let myself seduced by new fragrances. Life is too short for diets and loving only one perfume. 🙂

Lubin Upper Ten for Her (1)

With perfumes I have a special relationship. It’s love at first sight or it’s not, I can’t be in love with a perfume just a little. One of the perfumes that seduced me beyond retrieve at our first encounter, recently, is Lubin Upper Ten for Her.

This essence, a new creation of House Lubin Paris, has incorporated grapes and bergamot, elemi and wormwood (as base notes), the middle notes are given by a mix of Bulgarian rose, raspberry liquor an Sichuan pepper, and at the very end you can smell the wood accents of amber, incense and dark chocolate. I love all of these elements on their own and, I’ve come to realize that right away after I wore Upper Ten for Her, I love them together as well, in this perfect combination from Lubin Paris.

Lubin Upper Ten for Her (3)

Besides perfumes with personalities, I really like the brand and the story behind it. Lubin was founded by Pierre Francois Lubin after the French Revolution. Initially, the first perfumes were created for the people that went to the renowned masked balls in Paris, long time ago. the essences were so successful that the perfumer was praised by the Imperial Court. After the return of the Bourbon family at the throne, so tells the story, that Lubin dedicated his creations to Queen Marie-Amelie.

Lubin Upper Ten for Her (2)

Lubin’s Upper Ten collection is available in Beautik Haute Parfumerie and at

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