How to efficiently remove waterproof make-up

Mes cheries, we all know how complicated it is to remove a waterproof make-up. It mostly happens to me not to wear a waterproof mascara, for example, just thinking about how difficult it will be to remove it. Yes, I know it would be so useful, because it will sitting nicely on my lashes all day long, but I don’t like torturing my skin. I was so happy to discover the new micellar water from Garnier and how easy it is to remove any kind of make-up! The Water in Oil micellar water is infused with argan oil and enriched with all sorts of cleansing oils, that help you remove your make-up without abrasion. The feeling that it leaves on your skin is so nice. So if you’re looking for a solution in removing your waterproof make-up easily and without any marks, you can try the Water in Oil micellar water from Garnier.

GARNIER-Biphase-Micellar-Cleansing-Water-In-Oil IMG_0334

Recommended price 26,35 lei

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