How to keep your tan without exposing yourself to the sun

I went on vacation. I came back from vacation. I went to another vacation. Pretty much that’s how the last weeks of my life took place. After some days spent together as a family in Greece, Ilona and Iancu insisted to go together to Maramures. Due to still having some free days, I planned to spend them at home, with my friends, next to the pool. Even though I already had plans, I rapidly adjusted to the new desires.

It’s true that, after I gained a brown-gold tan on the beach in Greece, I still wanted to keep my tan on and fresh. So, I used an old trick: Tea To Tan de la By Terry. I discovered this last year at Madison Perfumery, but in 2015, the product was reinvented, re-bottled, this time, in a XXL package and equipped with a face and body atomizer..

Since then and until now, I realized it’s the easiest way of wearing a perfect tan year round, without having to sit in the sun. At first sight, it seems caramel transformed into water, but once applied on skin, it offers a natural, glowing tan. Plus, it doesn’t stain clothes, which made it, fast, one of my favorite products of the summer.

SUMMER Tea to Tan HD

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