I saw my sister for Christmas. After 5 years!

This year, our Holidays were a little unusual. Winter would find us usually in Maramures, but me and Nicolai have decided to have a little change of plans so we’ve gone out on an adventure over oceans, in Seattle. The reason was a very beautiful one: having a chance to see my sister Maria. Maria lives in the U.S. for 12 years now, and for the past five years we only had the chance to see each other thanks to technology. Plus, Iancu and Ilona didn’t have the chance to meet their aunt and cousin Jason. We had some full days, with a kit of stories to tell and time to catch up with, days that were full of activities. Because we had the kids with us, we tried to go in as many places as possible. We went to the Aquarium, la the Snoqualmie waterfall, at the Children’s Museum. This was one of their favorite destinations because it’s a truly incredible world. Just try to imagine that everything is in miniature created especially for them: kitchens, shops, doctor’s offices, houses, cars. Can you imagine how difficult it was to leave?!  We also had a cool experience trying to find…Laura Palmer, from The Twin Peaks. Yes, we arrived on the set where the famous series was shot, but also we sat down and had a cup of coffee at the famous coffee shop that is still opened. One of the places we’ve visited the most was Starbucks, but not just any Starbucks, but the first one ever opened, in 1912. It had something to it, because you enjoyed your coffee in a historical place, with so many memories. We also had the opportunity to visit the markets because it’s a very cool experience, where you can feel the personality of the place. And you all know how much we like to experience the things that we see in movies, so I couldn’t wait to go shopping with a brown paper bag.

I have to confess that before we left I was a little nervous about the 12 hour flight, which is not that easy with two small kids. Fortunately, they were on their best behavior! Iancu didn’t sleep for the entire trip, but when we arrived at our destination because he was really, really tired, he slept for almost 24 hours. We’re still trying to adjust to the jet lag, with the 10 hour difference, but it was a awesome vacation and a chance to see my sister that I was waiting for a long time.

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