My everyday decalogue


  1. When it’s cold outside and the best choice is a sweater or a turtleneck, don’t forget about the accessories! Most of the time knitwear seems difficult to accessorize, but it isn’t. A statement necklace is a great starting point. You can also add a watch or a tough bracelet.
  2. Always accentuate your waistline with a belt or a cummerbund! It is as important as knowing your limits and communicating them – it highlights you differently in the eyes of your addressee.
  3. Take advantage of the mirrors that come into your path – lightly put up the hair that got loose again. Freshen up your lipstick and, at the end, smile to yourself. It’s already much better, isn’t it?
  4. Low or medium waist trousers are for teenagers. As you get older you’ll see that long waist trousers are the true sign of refinement.
  5. Look first at your left and then on your right. No, I’m not teaching you how to cross the street – you know better -, but you wouldn’t want to pass by someone you know without smiling at them even from a distance. Smile even at strangers, they’ll answer with a smile as well and you will feel like a million bucks.
  6. There can always be something missing from your purse, but not your sun glasses. They are your best friend, in case of sun, wind, exhaustion or a hangover, when you can’t stand the light or the people around you. The bigger the lens, the better.
  7. Always wear comfortable shoes when you know you have to run around town. Believe me, otherwise, at the end of the day, you will look so tortured, that you will feel the need to laugh of yourself too.
  8. Say ‘’Thank you’’ and ‘’Please’’ as often as you can. Show your level of education and, also, it relaxes each conversation and it make people nicer.
  9. Don’t wear logo’s at sight. You are not a billboard.
  10. Learn to say ‘’no’’. ‘’No’’ to the people in which company you do not feel good, ‘’no’’ to uniform style outfits, ‘’no’’ to free meanness, ‘’no’’ to everything that everything that doesn’t work for you. It is your right and you have to use it.










Sweater: H&M Studio
Trousers: Zara
Purse: Céline
Necklace: H&M X Anna Dello Russo
Belt: Lanvin
Sport shoes: Adidas Original Pharell Williamd X Todd James
Watch: Swatch
Sun Glasses: Thierry Lasry
Photo: Aurelien Violet @chicisthenewpunk
Image editing: Lasc Media
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