All about facing the truth

As you already, maybe figured it out, although my blog is mainly about fashion, I really like sharing with you the aspects of life that are not just about glitz and glam. Because life is just like that, with good and bad and this is its charm.


I would want to talk today with you, as honestly as possible, about menopause. Nothing glam about that, it’s a subject that we should all be interested in and, although this is not the case, it’s a phase that we can’t skip. One of the unfortunte effects of menopause is all about wrinkles, because even at the skin level, we can notice a lot of changes, that’s because of the decreasing hormone level and the increasing age of the skin. Fifteen years ago, when Vichy was creating Neovadiol, it was the first brand which was focusing on treating the skin that was lacking density, comfort, luminosity and freshness to ensure women’s confidence and comfort. Today, Vichy is going on with Neovadiol, taking care of women’s skin that are going through menopause, making a new step towards discovering the impact that ’’the youth hormone’’ has on the skin.


So was created Neovadiol Compensating Complex, a face cream with a formula that is capable to compensate the effects that menopause has on the skin. A formula that transforms women’s skin reinforcing it into youth. The results? You skin feels more dense, elastic, comfortable and fresh. It becomes more luminous, its volumes are reconstituted.


I’ve always been a firm believer of the saying ’’It’s better to prevent, rather that to treat’’, so let’s become conscious, les filles, let’s accept and take position.
In the end, I would like to share with you a little film that made me feel very emotional.

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