All about common sense. In fashion and not only.

Mes cheries, this gloomy weather makes me crave for a peaceful vacation, with a stack of books on the night stand and a sugarless, fragrant cup of tea. With my dear ones by my side and with the most beautiful smiles. But. Because there is always a but, I am, yet again, in a busy and full week, with a lot of meetings and many projects that I have to attend to. There’s still a long way to go until I get to have a vacation, and that’s why I tried to cheer up the beginning of this week with an outfit that I love.


A look that is simple and chic at the same time – a short dress and colourful sports shoes -, today’s outfit is all about common sense. Stylistic common sense and not only that.

Monica Tand (7)

The clothes that we choose to wear speak for themselves. We are what we wear, as well as what we eat. Today’s look is, nor than ever, about me and how I am. Simple, yet sophisticated, delicate and strong, in a half-light, but also in the centre of attention. Stylistic common sense is learned and practiced. And, les filles, it’s appreciated. Mostly these days when you don’t come across it frequently.

A la prochaine!

Dress: Maria Marinescu
Shoes: Adidas Superstar
Earrings: H&M
Bag: Celine

Photo: Ionut Aldea

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