Two surgeries in just one week

Mes cheries, my absence from the blog was totally motivated. I had a quite rough time, with strong emotions and unpredictable situations, one of them right on the day of my birthday. What I can tell you is that two members of my family had to have surgery. Last summer, after a thorough medical exam, I’ve learned I have asthma. A while ago, I had a very strong asthma attack, so strong that I had to stay a couple of days under medical supervision at the ‘’Marius Nasta’’ Pulmonology Institute. The doctors there and the entire medical staff were extraordinary, especially M.D. Emilia Crisan, who treated me with much care. After this asthma attack I’ve learned I had a septum deviation that made it more difficult for me to breath. Surgery was the final solution. The surgery took place about two weeks ago and I want to thank this way M.D. Bogdan Mocanu from Monza Brain Institute. I confess I feel like I was reborn! I now feel like I’m truly breathing, I can feel the air going through my whole body, which is a totally new sensation for me. The surgery went great and the recovery as well.
Last week, on the day of my birthday, Ilona was complaining of tummy aches. By the end of the day she was getting a fever, so we rushed her to the emergency room. The diagnosis? Appendicites. I know it’s a frequently done procedure, but the fact that on the operation table was my child , was a terrifying feeling. I was worried sick, as Nicolai held me in his arms, waiting for a sign from the doctor. Thank God that everything turned out great, Ilona is recovering and is very conscious about the things that she has to do. M.D. Radu Spataru from the Marie Curie Children’ Emergency Clinic, is the doctor who operated on Ilona and took super good care of her and at the end of the day, we have a happy end!

So, we didn’t have a few light days, but they’ve passed. This was one more lesson that we have to take care of ourselves and our health. I know it might sound like a cliché, but I really think it’s the most precious thing we have. Take care and we’ll be in touch soon with new thing, here on my blog.

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