Love at first sight

You know that feeling, right? You see the dress, and you know, you just know that it will fit you, you already know the events you’ll be wearing it at, and you can almost hear the compliments that people will give you when you will wear it. This is how I felt when I saw this dress! And for me, it was double love, because in all this combination also came the shoes, my big weakness, I love when I discover these kind of outfits. Outfits that make you feel beautiful just because it suits you and you wear them with pleasure. This, in my opinion, is the secret! 🙂

 DSC_4587 DSC_4595 DSC_4618 DSC_4625 DSC_4673 a DSC_4679 DSC_4685 DSC_4728 DSC_4729 DSC_4731 DSC_4732

Dress: Dodo Bar Or

Shoes: Miu Miu

Earings: Zara

Bag: Celine

Photo: The Storyalist

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