Back in Tokyo, after 20 years

I love Japan. I lived there for 3 months some time ago. Recently, I revisited with Nicolai, after more than 20 years. This was a vacation that was planned for some time and which we were waiting for anxiously, and last year for Christmas, I found it to be the perfect gift for him.

For two weeks, we walked around Tokyo, Kyoto, Nara and Osaka. Maybe it sounds cheesy, but it was the perfect vacation. You know that usually, even when you are away in a couple’s trip, one gets more tired than the other one, and just wants to sit at the terrace or is in no mood to visit, or simply happens to be in not a particularly good mood and so on. It was not the case here! The planets aligned so beautifully, that this was a joyful escape, tension and stress-free. I once again came to realize how important it is to have alongside yourself the right person and be on the same on the same path with him.

I am the biggest fan of ramen soup. And when I say the biggest, you should imagine me eating 2-3 servings a day. Every day. Osaka was on our destination list because it’s famous for the street food and Nicolai being so passionate about this topic, we couldn’t possibly miss it. I was the happiest person alive because I came to discover the best ramen soup! It was a place on the street that kept us coming back for more, even 2-3 hours after our last meal because I wanted one more serving.

Japan is an extraordinary country, because of the energy of the people there. It’s a sensation that goes beyond words. You go on the street, in the most crowded places, and you can’t hear a noise, you can’t hear voices, a peep, I don’t even know how that can be even humanly possible…Plus, they are very polite. Myself and Nicolai, we were so impressed by the fact that if you needed directions, they came with us to our destination.

We travelled for tens of kilometres. We were on the road from dusk till dawn. We walked in the biggest districts in Tokyo, because you can only feel a place’s vibe like this. I confess that I came prepared from home for this kind of situations. The NFC Santal box was a big help! The freshly squeezed fruit juices were so reviving, after an entire day of physical effort, and we needed lots of energy in order to check all of the landmarks off our list.

From our destination’s list, we did not miss the Hermes Foundation from Tokyo, where you can find exhibited the creations of the Romania artist Mircea Contor, the Louis Vuitton pop-up store, the gardens in Tokyo, the temples in Kyoto, Nara Park, one of the oldest parks in Japan, where you can find deer, an entire show or a trip above Mount Fiji, the sacred mountain in Japan.
On the top of the list, this clearly between the first ranked places. The good news is that after a meeting with Neti Sandu, she told me that this year, the ones born under the Taurus sign will travel a lot, so I can’t wait for the next ones.

Speaking of vacations, santal prepared for us some prizes, that you can also win for your next vacation. The mechanism is simple: you just go on the ‘’ia Santal NFC’’ app, you create a collage, you share it and you are enrolled in the competition. Have a nice vacation!

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