Easy-chic flavor

When you try too hard to be elegant, your outfit allows your efforts be outlined, and thus becomes either too boring or too arrogant. The Ladylike style involves putting your femininity with naturalness in value, not force it. So it’s not enough just to wear flared skirts with cut in A line, retro inspired, which you are trying too hard to match them with T-shirts or blouses with open shoulders (these are the most common examples are that I notice around me). And if you ask me, I would give up the eternal pink when composing a Ladylike outfit. It’s not that I have something against the color, but this summer, it’s more trendy to play pastel shades of turquoise and blue ciel, and make them pop in contrast with, for example, emerald green. In addition, I would give up unnecessary accessories!


I chose a skirt from P.A.R.O.S.H, the brand which stands for infinite recombination as its major rule. In all collections, you will find contemporary fashion items, made of exceptional and versatile materials. Thus, if you combine the same skirt with high heels, it’s perfect for a „gran soiree”, and if you associate it with flats, you can wear it throughout the day. You can play with it as you like due to its quality materials and spectacular embroidery with macro flowers, just like the one I am wearing. This season, skirts from P.A.R.O.S.H start from the start with the elegance and rigor of the postwar period, but are based on the spirit of freedom and clear cuts of uniforms from the 60’s and the sporty-chic style that characterize tennis in the 70’s. And personally, I adore these skirts.


The sweater from Ermanno Scervino, from macrame, slightly transparent and extremely comfortable, not very molded body line, it seemed appropriate for the volume of the skirt. I must admit I have a weakness for Ermanno Scervino creations, which always add a touch of glamour to any outfit, be it a day or evening wear. And the excessive attention to details, like the belt buckle (which I chose to mark my waist), for example, is the best proof that the brand makes no compromise in quality.


Being an elegant outfit, I’ve quit wearing opulent or unnecessary accessories. But to make it pop out of the patterns we are so familiar with, I added Vionnet bag. My choice is not accidental at all. That’s because in 2015, the brand collection relies on the duality between industrial and natural, and the juxtapositions of organic and hi-tech – proof that reinterpretations are the sign of the purest originality.






Pulover: Ermanno Scervino (Ermanno Scervino Store)
Skirt: P.A.R.O.S.H (Mengotti Store)
Belt: Ermanno Scervino (Ermanno Scervino Store)
Bag: Vionnet (Vionnet Store)
Shoes: H&M (H&M Store)
Photo: Csilla Szasz
Location: Heritage Auto

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