Base elements

I’ve never liked half way measurements. Not even when it comes to make-up. That is why, the primer is a requirement and a must in my beauty kit. And… I don’t own one, but two of them. Both from MAC. I use a face primer called Natural Radiance, in Radiant Pink shade, which perfectly fits natural skin. I also use a special lip primer called Prep&Prime Lips, which makes your lipstick last longer. No matter how little time I have to spend in front of the mirror, I never avoid applying my primer. To be honest, this is a secret that I’ve learned from a very famous make-up artist: a great make-up doesn’t need to be done again. That is why you need the right primer.

Why I like the face primer Natural Radiance from MAC 




This silky gel formula is rich in natural ingredients, which hydrate and prime to improve foundation or powder application, control oil and promote smooth texture. Vitamins E and C protect with antioxidants, while caffeine calms skin. Illuminating pearl powders reflect optic brightening


Why I like the lip primer Prep&Prime Lips from MAC



Used before lipstick, this product hydrates, smoothes and minimizes the aspect of thin lines. Simply, lips become perfect.

Foto: Visual Artistry
Make up MAC by  Anca Serotencu
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