Style exercise / Blue Mood

Over time, I built a fashion style based on blending feminine with masculine elements, (and whose combination wouldn’t involve too much effort). I was told several times, that I pull-out this relaxed look so well, because I make natural choices, I have a trained eye, and I know from the beginning if two pieces go together, worn in the same combination or not. Well, I think it’s just practice. As long as you practice constantly and consider some precise lines, actually it’s easier than in theory.


For example, fluid silk trousers with a masculine tailoring from Ermanno Scervino which I chose to wear today go great with a blouse fit on my body, very feminine from Moschino. And since I opted for a pair of pants with floral print, I was careful to have the top shade be found in the pant’s print.


Avoiding heels and choosing a pair of sneakers from Bensimon, which are extremely fashionable and very fun (a pair of loafers would have also been a perfect fit), I reached the goal of not creating an outfit which would make me seem too serious, but i created one that would highlight the fun and playful side of me.










Pulover: Moschino
Pants: Ermano Scervinno
Shoes: Bensimon
Bracelet: Promod
Glasses: H&M
Bag: Celine
Photo: Lasc Media

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