Do you know how it is when you set your mind on a fashion item or a styling idea? Or, let’s call it, more romantic, when you fall in love with a piece. Well, from the moment I saw the black, neoprene sweatshirt from H&M, I knew I would wear it continuously. It is the type of item that you can love for a long time, versatile and adaptable – you can combine it into a casual outfit or with precious textures, such as sequins, and change the whole story.


French women are looking at their bags as sacred objects because, after all , we wear inside them, every day, our entire Universe. For them, a bag isn’t an accessory, it’s their home. You will not ever see a French woman with a fake bag, because, as you can’t resolve insecurities through plastic surgery, you cannot mimic style with a copy. So, they invest at least in a designer bag, timeless, which they know they will have for a long time even if it’s worn daily until exhaustion. And, from what I see, without realizing it, I began to report to bags like they do. I already told you how much I adore this bag Céline, even if the lock broke – next week I’ll really repair it!


Another fixation that I have is to challenge textures. I love to combine them, even though, apparently, they would never go together, and obtain a genius outfit. Until I tried, I never thought that animal print, sequins and neoprene can live in the same outfit. It’s all about experimentation. Sometimes we fail, sometimes we succeed, but in the end we always learn!
À la prochaine, les filles!











Sweatshirt: H&M
Short pants: Barbara Sabbah
Coat: Bluegirl
Shoes: Zara
Ceas: Swatch
Watch: Céline
Photo: Aurelien Violet @chicisthenewpunk
Image editing: Lasc Media

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