Floral designs

Little things represent happiness. Every time I gaze at Ilona, I constantly realize how much reality his usual statement brings to the tabel. My daughter doesn’t need too many reasons to jump up and down, to laugh her soul out, or to start applauding vigurously. She’s equaly delighted when you offer her a bowl full of cherries or a pink dress with painted blossom cherries, just like the MiMiSol dress that she’s wearing in today’s shooting.


She plays hide-and-seek with the same pleasure that she arranges her headband from Simonetta. And she could tell you over and over again her favorite story with the same voice tone that she uses to let you know how you can match the leather shoes from Il Gufo.

If you’d met her, the first thing you’d notice about Ilona is her childish enthusiasm, her endless joy, which, as adults, reaching maturity, we try to take down a notch. More than this. she never misses a chance to yell from the top of her lungs every time she can: Maman, I am happy!







Cherry blossom painted dress MiMiSol (Ilinca Store)
Headband: Simonetta (Ilinca Store)
Leather shoes: Il Gufo (Naturino Store)
Photo: Csilla Szasz

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